11th October is International Day of the Girl

We are marking 2015’s International Day of the Girl by reaffirming our resolution to Prevent Tragedies. We care deeply about the well-being of women and girls throughout the world. We reject the degrading treatment of women by terrorist organisations. We seek to prevent the tragedies caused by it. We declare that women and girls should… Read More »

Hajj fraud – National awareness campaign

Every year more than two million Muslims celebrate Hajj by making the pilgrimage to Mecca in what is the world’s biggest annual gathering of people. Within this mass of humanity are thousands of UK citizens, many of whom will have saved for years in the knowledge that, for them, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip.… Read More »

A Community Response To Extremism

‘A community response to extremism’ is a unique tool designed to challenge Islamophobia and to give audiences a chance to gain an understanding of the true nature of the Islamic faith. It is a response from ordinary members of Bristol’s local Muslim communities to the recruiting narrative used by ISIS and Al Qaida. In this… Read More »

Prevent Tragedies post campaign questionnaire

We would like to ask for your assistence in the evaluation of the Prevent Tragedies campaign that took place in March The campaign focused on the special bond between mother and daughter and encouraged mothers to have open discussions with their daughters about the conflict in Syria in the hope that this will help to… Read More »

Radio Broadcast

This radio advert is appearing in minority ethnic media across the country from Monday 16th March. It highlights the strong bond between a mother and daughter and encourages women to have open discussions with their daughters about issues such as travelling to Syria and what they are viewing online.

Press Release

Police launch next phase of counter terrorism campaign to prevent tragedies The National Police Counter Terrorism Network and partners have rolled out the next phase of an awareness raising campaign designed to reach out to families, to help prevent young people travelling to Syria. The campaign will involve radio and press adverts appearing in minority… Read More »