Prevent Tragedies post campaign questionnaire

By | 22nd May 2015

We would like to ask for your assistence in the evaluation of the Prevent Tragedies campaign that took place in March

The campaign focused on the special bond between mother and daughter and encouraged mothers to have open discussions with their daughters about the conflict in Syria in the hope that this will help to deter travel.  The campaign also provided advice and steps to help protect young people before they started to consider travelling to Syria.

Your feedback will help UK police and partners understand if the campaign messages were clear.  It will also tell us  who you would feel most comfortable approaching for help and advice if you had concerns about a loved one planning to travel to Syria.

Your responses are completely anonymous.  Responses to anonymous surveys cannot be traced back to the respondent.

Although we ask personal information such as age, sex, ethnicity, and language, this information is collected for analysis purposes only and will only be used to help ensure that future communications meets the needs of our audiences.  It will not be used to to identify you personally.

Thank you

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