A Community Response To Extremism

By | 13th July 2015

com_resp_flyer‘A community response to extremism’ is a unique tool designed to challenge Islamophobia and to give audiences a chance to gain an understanding of the true nature of the Islamic faith. It is a response from ordinary members of Bristol’s local Muslim communities to the recruiting narrative used by ISIS and Al Qaida.

In this film community representatives speak out to reclaim their faith from those that have so violently hijacked it. Focussing on topical issues the DVD and accompanying notes and lesson plan will enable debate and discussion to help build trust and confidence within communities and partnerships.

You can watch the film online here

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‘A community response to extremism’ is commissioned and supported by:
SWCTIU – Prevent
Office of the National Coordinator Prevent,
National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters
The Home Office.