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A message from the new SNC

DAC Neil Basu QPM Senior National Co-ordinator Counter Terrorism Policing It is a great privilege to be asked to co-ordinate the UK’s counter terrorism policing effort at this critical time. The increasing tempo and enduring nature of terrorist activity worldwide is causing global anxiety. We understand it. As soon as Daesh started to lose on… Read More »

Reflections on ‘Look Outs’

I was appointed to be the Senior National Co-ordinator for Counter Terrorism Policing in August 2013. This is a unique policing role, in which I have been responsible for co-ordinating the work of all UK Police Forces to help protect people from the dangers created by terrorists, violent extremists and radicalisers. Protection is natural to… Read More »

Our Familes Our Future (Women Only Event)

  Our Families Our Future will be holding a women only event on Wednesday 16th November at the Sidney Stringer Academy. Topics will include violent extremism and online safety. Refreshments will be provided. For further information please ring 02476 251756 ext 3062.

Launch of NSPCC communications campaign

Following the announcement of the NSPCC’s helpline service for calls about radicalisation and terrorism on 27th July, the NSPCC will begin a targeted communications campaign today (30th August) to promote these services further. The campaign will also promote its separate ChildLine service which is now better equipped and resourced to field calls from children concerned… Read More »

Prevent strategy has more pros than cons

Comments From The Guardian Tariq Ramadan (The politics of fear: how anti-extremism strategy has failed, 5 September) displays a complete lack of understanding of the Prevent programme that is designed to safeguard people who are vulnerable to radicalisation. The Prevent strategy has never conflated religious practice with radicalisation. Indeed, we are clear there is no… Read More »

Uproot Extremism

When a teacher fears that a child in his or her classroom is at risk of being radicalised at home or at a mosque, reporting this concern to the authorities is not spying. It is the responsible thing to do in order to protect the individual and citizens at large. On this basis it has… Read More »

Workshop aims to prevent children being radicalised

A security minister witnessed first hand how work is being done to prevent young people being radicalised in Luton. John Hayes MP visited Luton for the first time to witness how the Prevent programme is identifying young people who may perhaps be at risk of extremism. The minister met a range of professionals who spoke… Read More »

Schools refer five children a day to steer them away from terror

More than 1,000 children have been referred for deradicalisation in a year as teachers embrace their duty to stop pupils becoming terrorists. Hundreds of patients and students were also reported to the authorities for being vulnerable to extremism. However, teaching unions have expressed concerns, saying that some children were being reported needlessly. The Counter Terrorism… Read More »

Minister Hears How Luton Is Tackling Radicalisation

Security minister the Rt Hon John Hayes recently visited Luton to get a first-hand account of the work being done here to prevent young people from becoming radicalised. The minister met with a range of professionals who spoke about successful work being carried out by the council and its multi-agency partners to identify, protect and… Read More »