Left Behind

By | 12th July 2016


Watch our short film which describes the devastation caused to families whose loved ones have travelled or attempted to travel to a conflict zone abroad.

Left Behind focuses on the accounts of four police Prevent contact officers who have supported families from across the country and witnessed first hand the anquish they go through as a consequence of a family member’s actions.

From the initial shock through to the practical disruption to families and their children, the officers talk frankly and openly and appeal to people who are concerned about a loved one who may be considering travel, to contact the police before it is too late.


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Subtitled versions of this video are also available to view in the following languages.
Arabic,   Bengali,   English,   Kurdish,   Punjabi,   Somali,   Sylheti,   Turkish,   Urdu.

Angela’s Account


Angela, a police Prevent contact officer talks here about the work that she does with families to help prevent loved ones travelling to Syria or another conflict zone.