Minister Hears How Luton Is Tackling Radicalisation

By | 19th August 2016


Security minister the Rt Hon John Hayes recently visited Luton to get a first-hand account of the work being done here to prevent young people from becoming radicalised.

The minister met with a range of professionals who spoke about successful work being carried out by the council and its multi-agency partners to identify, protect and support vulnerable people who may be at risk of radicalisation.

Cllr Simmonds, Leader of Luton Borough Council, said “while only a very small minority of people will ever support extremist activity, there is a genuine threat within the UK, particularly of groups targeting vulnerable young people and attampting to recruit them to travel to dangerous and hostile environments. I am therefore glad we were given the opportunity to talk to the minister about various initiatives in Luton to prevent this from happening.

We are absolutely commited to our safeguarding responsibilities and protecting those who are at risk of being persuaded to travel to dangerous places and ensuring they understand the dangers. The minister acknowledged our good work in this area.”

A dedicated website called ‘Let’s Talk About It’ provides information for people to learn more about the goverment’s prevent startegy with an aim to safeguard those who might be vulnerable to radicalisation. the website gives advise on how to spot the signs of radicalisation at an early stage and how to raise concerns.