Educate Against Hate

The Educate Against Hate website gives parents, teachers and school leaders practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.

My Former Life

My Former Life is an educational workshop aimed at helping its audiences understand the causes, effects and consequences of violent extremism. Through a documentary film telling the stories of four very different people, the audience are taken through a journey of exploration drawing on the film and its content, as well as partaking in exercises and discussions intended to explore the content in depth.

Safer giving advice for Syria

Advice for the public and charities that want to support humanitarian work in Syria.

Let’s Talk About It

The Let’s Talk About It website provides information enabling people to learn more about Prevent with an aim to safeguard those who may be vulnerable to radicalisation. There is a range of supportive material on the website which also provides links to partner agencies to help people spot the signs of radicalisation at an early stage.

JAN Trust

JAN Trust is a multi-award winning charity empowering and providing leadership for women in order to create positive and active citizens of society

FAST – Families Against Stress and Trauma

FAST is a UK based organisation that was created to help families affected by a loved one travelling to Syria and Iraq. They provide support to vulnerable families and individuals because they understand the pain and distress it caused to those left behind. FAST believes that families matter and families make a difference.


Inspire is a counter-extremism and human rights organisation which seeks to address inequalities facing British Muslim women. By empowering women, Inspire aims to create positive social change resulting in a more democratic, peaceful and fairer Britain.

Connect Justice

Connect Justice works in the areas of social justice and security to facilitate relationships between communities, NGOs and state actors, using research to inform policy and practice.

Police Forces

To find your local police service, please click the following link;